Common Commands

Creating an uncompressed archive

tar cvf file.tar *

Updating an existing archive

tar rvf file.tar *

Extracting files from an archive

tar xvf file.tar

Listing the content of an archive

tar tf file.tar

Creating a gzip compressed archive

tar cvzf file.tar.gz *

Extracting a gzip compressed archive

tar xvzf file.tar.gz

Common Options

  • -c creates archive
  • -x extracts archive
  • -f given archive filename
  • -t list the archive content
  • -v displays verbose information (and progress)
  • -u archives and adds to an existing archive
  • -r update or append to the existing archive
  • -j filter archive through bzip2
  • -z filter archive through gzip
  • -W verify an archive
  • -A concatenates the archives
  • --exclude excludes file or directory
  • --delete removes file or directory
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